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Animal Rescue in the Gulf

I am looking for a good place to donate and to direct people to donate money for animal/ecological rescue organizations helping with relief efforts in the Gulf.  If anyone out there knows of a good, reputable organization to work with, please let me know and post the link in the comments section.

Thank you all.  I appreciate any help I can get for this.

Update: Please check out my latest post on Animal Rescue in the Gulf. Since a lot of people are still coming into the site through this link, I will just paste the relevant information below.  Please feel free to leave a comment with additional avenues through which people can help, to share thoughts and ideas about ways in which people can do more, or to just flat out vent about how awful the present situation.

So since I last asked for places to donate to animal rescue in the Gulf, I have scoured the interwebs for some good places to help people play a part in the recovery from this unfortunate disaster. The National Wildlife Federation has now arranged a text-message donation system to help with animal rescue in the Gulf. I urge you all to text “WILDLIFE” to 20222 in order to donate $10. This is an incredibly important initiative to help salvage what is left of one of our country’s most precious and important ecosystems. Additionally, as the oil continues to leak, the extent of the damage becomes increasingly unknown. We all have an obligation to do everything possible in order to mitigate this damage and to take the steps to ensure that this can never happen again. So text 20222 and enter the word “WILDLIFE” in the message in order to get started in playing a part. For those who might need an extra kick, take a look at the video below.

Below are a few more links through which the geographically mobile can actually in volunteer in person for the cleanup effort (and some organizations for the immobile to donate to):

Volunteer Latin America put together a broad collection of links with different ways in which people can help out in the Gulf.

OilSpillVolunteer.com also has an excellent collection of multiple avenues through which to get involved.

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and the Alabama Coastal Foundation are both organizations that work to protect the ecosystem and its habitats and wildlife in the Gulf region.

As I continue to find new ways to help out I will post them right here. It’s great to see that there is now a text message donation hotline, as that was major enhancement to the fundraising drive for aid to Haiti following their devastating earthquake. It is wonderful that to see innovative technologies lend a helping hand to the recovery efforts in the wake of such catastrophic events.

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