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The Miranda Rights “Debate”

People are actually discussing the arrest of the Times Square bomber as if there is an issue.  This is strikingly similar to the debate about “evolution.”  What I mean by that is there is no debate.  Evolution is proven science and Miranda is accepted law.  It is completely made up, way off base, and totally missing the point to even label this an “issue” subject for “debate.”  When a police officer arrests ANYONE (whether citizen or non-citizen, don’t be fooled by the whole non-citizen issue “issue” of citizenship) they must read that person their Miranda Rights.  Information obtained without Mirandizing a suspected criminal is subject to exclusion from evidence.  These are our country’s rules.  Whether you agree with them or not is a different issue.

There are plenty of people who disagree with the Miranda ruling.  People are absolutely allowed to disagree with a law, but when the Supreme Court thrice rules that something is in fact the law of our land, the only way to change it is through legislation.  Please let’s stop this fake debate before it gains too much steam.

End of story.

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