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Talking Baseball

Just before the season began, I wrote a little blurb about my fantasy baseball keepers. Right about now seems like a good time to check back in with the National Pastime.   AZ has been so intently focused on the chaos in finance lately that baseball has been somewhat overlooked.  I continue to micromanage my fantasy team and suffer through most Mets games, but in terms of expressing my baseball thoughts, I have been rather sluggish.  Here are some of my observations thus far:

1.  I started the season with 3 teams named It’s Al-Wright.  After drafting Jason Heyward in my keeper league, I changed names to Say Hey Jay Hey and left the other two team-names in tact.  And yes, I am making that comparison between Say Hey Willie Mays and Jason Heyward.  Although I never witnessed Willie Mays play the game in person, I just get a certain “feeling” about this mystique with Heyward and the awesome blend of skills.  The guy hits for contact, hits for power, steals bases, has great range in the field and cannon of an arm.  We’ve yet to see a basket catch or over-the-shoulder grab, but the hype is legit and the skills are real.

2.  The Mets just this past week actually won a come-from-behind game, overcoming a 6-1 (rather significant) deficit.   This was monumental for two reasons: rather than letting the game get out of hand, the bullpen kept it close, and the offense actually stepped up, filled the gap, and took the lead.  Key hits in the rally came from rookies Ike Davis and Chris Carter, with David Wright adding an important double. This was the first time in a while I actually can say I believe that the Mets have a chance.  Good teams win games they have no business winning and the Mets did just that in stealing one from the Nats.

3.  Mets fans are idiots.  Anyone who boos David Wright just has no clue.  He is an awesome baseball player.  Sure he’s struggling, but he is ALREADY an all-time great Mets players.  The guy plays hard everyday and wants nothing more than to succeed.  Booing him does not help!  Ok don’t cheer for him if you don’t want to, but he has done nothing that warrants the ire of his team’s fans.

4.  And lastly, let’s briefly talk about some of my fantasy team players/draftees/favorites.  Ubaldo Jimenez is an ace with a dominant fastball.  Joey Votto looks totally legit and by year end will be regarded as a top tier 1b (well Pujols is in the top tier alone, but Tier 1a I guess).  Adam Jones is thoroughly disappointing and the victim of over-hype syndrome combined with a terrible supporting cast.

That’s about it for now.  I’ll be back with more soon.

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