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No…I’m not talking about the Tom Petty song or the stock market…I’m talking about the sinking ship that is the New York Mets.  The moment I wrote on this very blog that I thought the Mets could “win games they had no business winning” that was the end of it.  Since that day the team has suffered six losses with only one win.  Yep I could not have timed my first moment of Mets optimism in 4 years any worse.  Don’t get me wrong, I never got all that thrilled with the movement, I just believed that maybe, just maybe, the callup of Ike Davis sparked a fire under this completely inept team.  For the past 3 years, my fantasy baseball team (and even my football team one year!) has been named some derivative of Fire Minaya (like Fiya Minaya, or Fire Omar, etc.).

Forget about blaming David Wright.  He is an all-time great Met and unfortunately an island of promise in a world of ineptitude.  This team’s failures are directly attributable to Omar Minaya.  What other team in baseball has as poor a 5 man rotation as the Mets?  And this comes with Johan Santana as an ace, performing like an ace!  Is it a surprise to anyone that this team can’t win and/or sustain any momentum?   In order for the Mets to move forward as an organization, it is essential to rid themselves of Minaya–the man who “discovered” Sammy Sosa.  Can we stop calling him a super-scout?  He hasn’t even been right assessing amateur or minor league talent.

Watching Livan Hernandez “tear apart” the Mets last night was an awful experience for several reasons.  Listening to Gary Cohen and Ron Darling talk about how Livan is “having maybe his best season yet,” and how he has “improved by attacking batters more aggressively” highlights exactly what is wrong with Mets management: an overly simplistic approach to baseball today.  They even mentioned how much the Mets could use Livan right now.  What a downright ignorant thing to say! With the tools available to just the average fan, one would think that the Mets announcers, and CERTAINLY their general manager, would know a little more about the depth of the statistical achievements of players.  Mid-game, Fangraphs (the best baseball resource available) published an article entitled “The Luckiest Man Alive.”  In it, they rip apart the notion that Livan Hernandez is doing anything remotely different than any of the recent awful years in his career.  He is just the beneficiary of an unsustainably low BABIP and a ridiculous strand rate.

It’s time for the Mets, their management and announcers to step into the 21st century.  Learn about some of the new baseball resources that help smooth out the challenges in judging player talent.  Why is it that a team like the Rays can continually stockpile top-notch young talent and maintain a competitive MLB team, while the Mets wallow in the depths of the National League?  The answer is simple: the Rays invest in acquiring the best knowledge available, while the Mets invest in yesterday’s best.

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