Gems from Around the Web

This is a new page and something I hope to build out further over time.  It’s most definitely a work in progress at this point.  I want this to eventually be both a personal collection of materials I like, and a place to share influential thinkers and their words with others.  My goal is to highlight good pieces of writings (and a few videos below) that withstand the test of time, and hold value beyond just the week, month or year in which they were written.  Plus all the pieces must be influential in constructing my personal philosophies, whether it be pertaining to investing strategy, economics, technology, sports, etc.

Investing strategy:

Charlie Munger on the “Art of Stock Picking

Awesome collection of Benjamin Graham’s writings that easily withstand the test of time.

The Economy:

Ray Dalio and Bridgewater put out a “Template for Understanding What’s Going On” as a treatise for navigating through an economic deleveraging.  It is hugely relevant today.

Joseph Stiglitz on the “Dangers of Lessons Unheeded

Michael Lewis on “The End of Wall Street” — At the time the proclamation sounded prescient, although now it seems incomplete.

Jeremy Grantham’s July 2011 commentary on “Resource Limitations” is both a wealth of information for an investor, and for someone concerned about the environment and the sustainability of “progress.”


Wedbush’s presentation on the “Second Internet,” the rise of social networking and its investment implications and opportunities.

McKinsey with a great brief on the “second economy” built on digitization.


Peter Gammons on the signing of amateur international players in Major League Baseball.

Great writer talks great tennis player: David Foster Wallace on “Federer as a Religious Experience.


Steve Jobs lays out his “Vision of the World” in his days starting NeXT.

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