What is Alata Zerka

When I finally decided to branch out and write my own blog, I quickly started thinking about titles.  For the longest time, nothing really hit me as interesting and since I anticipate talking about a scatterbrained variety of topics, no relevant subject-specific title seemed right. I wanted something that reflected me personally and made clear that this would be my world.  I was born in 1982, the year that a movie about an alien who befriends a young earthling took America by storm.  My parents insist it is merely coincidental, but I can never be sure.  It  just so happens that I share the name Elliot (please don’t spell it with 2 T’s…pet peeve) with that little boy and, even worse, the initials and title of the movie with that funny looking alien: E.T. Every step of the way, these initials have followed.  It seemed only natural to name my corner of the blogosphere after E.T’s home planet.

It turns out that there were several names for the planet in the book E.T.: The Book of the Green Plant (I had no clue there was a book!)  that preceded the movie, Brodi Asogi being the most prominent, all of which mean green planet in one language or another.  The idea behind the name became instantly more appealing on learning the green planet connection.  I fully believe in the green movement and like the idea of living in a green planet–better air and water improves quality of life in a variety of ways.  Over time I will definitely share my views about the green movement, but despite the implications of the title, it will be just one theme among many others.  Out of the several names, Alata Zerka had the most appeal.  While Brodi Asogi is more prominently known in connection with Star Wars (I neither love nor hate Star Wars and am not all that into sci-fi), Alata Zerka is uniquely connected to E.T.

In this “planet” of mine I look to explore and map my personal philosophies in politics, economics and investments as well as to rant and rave about all of the above plus sports, books, movies and all the fun things in life.  This year, 2010 is a big one for me and I look forward to chronicling its happenings right here.  In seven months from now I will be marrying the girl of my dreams–Emily.  Little did she know that just four years after snagging my Mets hat from my head, she too would be an E.T. Welcome to Alata Zerka, I look forward to your visit and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or two.

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